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Advanced ColdFusion developer

A full-time Calgary web design job posting

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About You

Up front, you enjoy programming, are techie by nature, and a good code challenge makes your blood flow. You probably code in your spare time and follow your own technical interests online such as SEO, hardware, server security or the like.

You can follow detailed mockups or application wireframes but can also creatively solve ambiguous web problems, coming up with your own solutions. You keep up to date on the latest web tools, apps, and innovations. You may own a nerdy t-shirt or at one time have had a lava lamp.

You're excellent in Adobe ColdFusion and well versed in popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery. You have likely used other frameworks or libraries in both languages. You may have experience with other languages but ColdFusion is your forte or at least your preference. Your advanced MySQL knowledge allows you to create and optimize difficult queries.

You understand the merits of and have experience with both object-oriented and functional programming. You've used and understand MVC architecture and have experience with at least one well-known CFML MVC framework (e.g. CFWheels, Model-Glue, Framework One, or Fusebox). You could build a REST API from the ground up and you're experienced in reading API documentation and implementing existing ones.

You have experience with enterprise level websites and you create scalable solutions with performance clearly in mind. Large websites and long projects don't scare you. You are not afraid to ask for help or to think of new, inventive problem-solving methods. You can friendly challenge a suggested solution, but can also carry out instructions you may not have chosen yourself, and do so with a good attitude. You strike a fine balance between productivity and building applications with maintenance and future scalability in mind.

You are a positive person. Blaming, complaining, or making excuses are not common habits, which is why your closest friends are also positive people and they enjoy being around you. You are self-aware and interested in self-improvement, your habits, your attitude, and your relationships. You're a self-managed team player and like working together with passionate people towards a common goal.

If this sounds just like you, you may be interested in the following employment opportunity:

About the Position

You will be working on large ColdFusion projects both alone, and in a team. You work will vary between competing priorities and you will be relied upon to manage your progress for multiple project managers concurrently. At times, you may be asked to do minor adjustments to smaller sites, but most frequently, your projects will span several months or even years.

When required, you act as a backup developer on projects you are not prime on. You will be expected to professionally interact with clients to showcase your development or coach them on new functionality. You may chair meetings attended by staff, active clients, and/or prospective clients.

About Intoria Internet Architects

We empower great businesses. Our effective online applications make our clients more productive and more profitable.

We're a growing, constantly improving team inspired by a passion for the web and for our clients. We take the time to do things right the first time, believing that quality is always more cost effective in the long run. We share knowledge and collaborate on work and always consider our clients' best interests. We love our jobs and our company and care deeply about its health, morale, and growth. We believe in each other; our co-workers are our friends.


Coldfusion expert
html and css expert
Javascript advanced skills
MySQL advanced skills


Resumes will be expected to contain the following minimum skills and experience:

  • A happy and positive attitude
  • A minimum of two years experience in ColdFusion development
  • A portfolio of ColdFusion applications you've personally built
  • The ability to hand-code
  • Project management abilities
  • Extensive comfort and experience with MySQL, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

Nice to Have

Candidates with the following skills will be have gold star stickers stuck on the top of their resumes:

  • Familiarity with the CFWheels framework (hint: this will be an interview question - check it out)
  • mod_rewrite syntax understanding
  • Some design experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience using Git
  • PHP experience
  • SEO or Social Media knowledge
  • Proficiency with a ping pong paddle


Advanced ColdFusion Developer

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Calgary, AB

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Advanced ColdFusion Developer